Green Yield Investing

Generating dividends from clean energy stocks and bonds

Get expert advice on the dynamic and growing field of creating dividend yield from alternative energy with Green Yield Investing: Generating dividends from clean energy stocks and bonds, a FREE special report. Along with Green Yield Investing, you will also receive at no obligation America's Energy Revolution: How to Spot the Winners and Avoid the Losers

4 Crucial Points Green Yield Investing will teach you how you can generate meaningful income from alternative energy stocks and bonds - investments that support the growth of clean energy in our economy.

Clean energy is here to stay

Learn why growth in global energy demand means that green yield investing is here to stay!

Steady income from the volatile clean energy industry

Green dividend yield investing can be a more stable way to invest in alternative energy - a market that has been, in many ways, very volatile and speculative.

Green Yield Investing reveals 3 emerging income investment trends covering 7 specific investments

Find out about 3 distinct types of emerging income investment opportunities: the "YieldCo", Financing Companies, and Clean Energy Bonds. Learn how these investments work, and how they can enhance your income generating strategy.

7 specific dividend yield producing investments are detailed, including crucial data on ownership, management team, key financials and future prospects.

Discover the Green Dividend Yield Portfolio

Uncover the benefits of income investing through the Roen Financial Report Green Dividend Yield Portfolio, a select group of 15 high-yield alternative energy stocks.

Download your free copy of Green Yield Investing: Generating dividends from clean energy stocks and bonds today!

Whether you are thinking about augmenting your existing dividend yield portfolio, or want to add income investments as part of your savings strategy, Green Yield Investing is a FREE report that is not to be missed.

Keep Current with the Roen Financial Report

The Roen Financial Report continually tracks 250 alternative energy companies.

The Roen Financial Report is a web service that focuses on high-quality investments in alternative energy. This financial website contains company profiles on +/-250 alternative energy companies in industries such as wind, solar, smart grid, efficiency, fuel alternatives and environmental services. We also publish a monthly alternative energy Mutual Fund/ETF report, which ranks +/-30 alternative energy Mutual Funds and ETFs.

In addition to this valuable information, the Roen Financial Report offers 3 premium services that detail top alternative energy stock picks:

• The Paradigm Portfolio, a diversified selection of top ranked companies in the business of alternative energy
• Top Pure Play Stocks, the best ranked companies that work solely in green technologies
• The Green Dividend Yield Portfolio, a select group of high-yield alternative energy stocks

Find more valuable information on green energy investing

In addition to receiving your free special report Green Yield Investing, readers will get free e-mail updates on alternative energy investments, as well as other important news on green energy. You can unsubscribe at any time, and I promise to never sell or share your e-mail address. This is a free service of the Roen Financial Report designed to help the smart investor navigate the alternative energy landscape.

Respectfully yours,

Harris Roen
The Roen Financial Report

Harris Roen is President of Swiftwood Press LLC, publisher of the Roen Financial Report. Harris is a financial writer with over 15 years experience as a professional portfolio manager. His expertise is in finding high-quality alternative energy companies that are building a future less dependent on foreign oil and polluting coal.

Harris is not a financial advisor, and no one at Swiftwood Press acts as a broker for any investment product. The goal is to give you, the reader, valuable information so you can make better investment decisions based on clear, deliberate strategies in an understandable, helpful manner. Be sure to contact your investment professional before making important financial decisions.
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