Newly Updated Report Crucial for Solar Investors

Harris Roen, Editor
Roen Financial Report
April 25, 2013

The Roen Financial Report is pleased to announce a significant update to its special report Invest Solar: Solar Energy Investment Opportunities. This revealing report will help readers navigate the challenging and potentially rewarding world of solar investing.

Solar energy started as one of the hottest investment themes of the past decade, but has since become extremely volatile. The chart at right shows that between 2006-2008, solar stocks gained an average of 50% for any one-year period as measured by the widely watched Ardour Solar Energy Index (SOLRX).

By the end of the decade, however, solar stocks lost their luster as the photovoltaic market became saturated and a tariff war ensued. From 2009 into 2013, solar stocks have been down 36% over the average 12-month period.

Because of this volatility, investors are wise to understand the different types of solar companies. Investments in solar cover a wide range of company types along different levels of the supply chain and using differing technologies. The newly updated report details four different sectors within the solar industry:

•           Solar Equipment Manufacturers

•           Photovoltaic Production

•           Installation and Service Companies

•           Utilities Employing Solar

In addition, Invest Solar outlines three alternative types of solar investment, including:

•           Solar REITs

•           Master Limited Partnerships

•           Solar Crowdfunding

The report compares 41 solar energy companies, making an apples-to-apples judgment within each of the four solar sectors. It also gives the pros and cons of similar stocks, showing the best companies within each category, and describes what has put them on top.

Despite the challenges investing in solar, opportunities still abound. For example, photovoltaics are being deployed on a scale that would have been hard to imagine just 10 years ago. In the U.S. alone, an estimated 3.3 gigawatts of new solar capacity was installed in 2012, which is as much as was installed in the 4 previous years combined!

Considering this and other trends, three clear themes are outlined in the report to aid in investment decisions:

•           Consolidation

•           Installation

•           Determination

Overall, I believe solar is set to continue its growth and prove an excellent long-term investment if you are in the right stocks. I urge you to download the updated report today!


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