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Have you ever wondered which companies are poised to grow with new trends in energy and technology? Do you read financial news stories and wonder what they have to do with your investments? Are you concerned about investing in the best mutual funds? The Roen Financial Report website answers all these questions and more!

The primary focus of the Roen Financial Report website is to follow the global trend that is shifting away from an economy overly dependent on foreign oil and polluting coal, and toward alternative energy technologies. The Roen Financial Report then picks the best companies for the long-term investor based on projected patterns, company health, and other factors.

The Roen Financial Report website distills important financial data into clear, useful information. Timely, actionable recommendations are included in every issue, allowing subscribers to make informed decisions in today’s volatile environment. The Roen Financial Report takes the long view of investing, avoiding the pitfalls of short term buying and selling, or risky derivative trades.  Here at the Roen Financial Report, we filter through numerous economic mainstream and specialty media reports, looking for clear, dependable information. Key economic data such as interest rates, investor sentiment, earnings and debt, are constantly monitored to discern vital long-term market trends.

Independent thinking is used to distill data into trends that can be turned into actionable strategies. Individual companies and mutual funds are examined in detail to see who rises to the top regarding present quality and, more importantly, positive future prospects.

No one at Swiftwood Press LLC acts as a financial adviser or broker for any investment product. The content you receive strives to be unbiased information so that you, the reader, can make better investment decisions.

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