($) Green Dividend Yield Portfolio

The Green Dividend Yield Portfolio is a select group of high-yield alternative energy stocks. Companies that fall in the “sweet-spot” of dividend yield are included, which I consider to be around 3.5% to 7.5% yield.

The 20 companies currently in the Green Dividend Yield Portfolio have yields ranging from 2.70% to 5.64%, with an average yield of 4.49%. Together, this selection of stocks can produce a steady stream in income for the alternative energy investor.

The chart below lists Green Dividend Yield Portfolio companies, their current yield, and their dividend quality ranking. The quality of dividend yield is an important consideration, since higher yields are usually accompanied by elevated risk. Dividend quality is evaluated using many measures, including dividend growth, earnings per share, free cash flow, return on equity and yield to debt risk.

Company descriptions and a link to each stock report are listed below the chart. To go to a company’s Profile Page, click on the company you’re interested in.

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