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My name is Harris Roen, President of Swiftwood Press LLC, publisher of the Roen Financial Report website. I am a financial writer with a passion for understanding the economic activity of our interconnected world. My previous experience of over 15 years as a professional portfolio manager helps me cut through the hype using independent research and analysis, providing valuable information for my readers.

I have a depth of expertise in the alternative energy arena, where I analyze trends in important emerging technologies such as wind, solar, smart grid that are destined to change the way the world uses energy. I then seek out high-quality companies that are building a future less dependent on foreign oil and polluting coal.

My goal is to present expert content in a useful, affordable newsletter that adds value to investors. I am not a financial advisor, and no one at Swiftwood Press acts as a broker for any investment product. I strive to give you, the reader, valuable information so you can make better investment decisions based on clear, deliberate strategies in an understandable, helpful manner. Welcome!

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