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The Paradigm Portfolio of the Roen Financial Report website is made up of high-quality alternative energy companies. In order for a company to be considered for the portfolio, it must be a key player in the clean energy field, in areas such as wind, solar, and energy efficiency. Each of these categories represents an emergent sector that will only become more significant as fuel prices rise and pollution reduction efforts grow to be nationally imperative. The companies recommended in the Paradigm Portfolio are categorized by the kind of technology or service that the respective company offers.

The six categories of the Paradigm Portfolio: solar, wind, alternative fuels, energy efficiency, environmental, and smart grid, are listed below. Click the categories bellow to read the individual articles on each of these energy/service types. The articles discuss the role of key Paradigm Portfolio companies within their designated category.


Companies that supply products or services that reduce the use of energy used by individuals and by industry. Examples are increasing efficient heating and cooling systems for buildings, and efficient lighting products.


Companies that provide environmental services such as clean water, environmental remediation and recycling. Also includes trash reduction projects such as waste-to-energy power plants.


Includes companies that supply technologies that reduce dependency on oil and coal based fuels. This includes natural gas, biofuels, rail and public transportation. Also included are producers of batteries and other technologies for electric or hybrid vehicles.


Key players in the build out of the “Smart Grid”, a major overhaul of our electric distribution system that is necessary to reap the benefits of an alternative energy future. This includes companies involved with electrical transmission infrastructure, metering, electronic components and information systems.


These are companies involved with the manufacture of photovoltaic cells and other solar energy related components. Also includes utilities involved in production and distribution of solar generated electricity.


Manufacturers of wind turbines and related components. Also includes utilities involved in production and distribution of wind generated electricity.

These categories are constructive in building a diversified portfolio. Most of the sectors are interrelated, however, so overlap does occur. For example, efforts to build out a “Smart Grid” will make wind and solar facilities much more useful, and will greatly increase the efficiency of fuel use. Also, some large companies, like GE and Seimens, are involved in many business areas and contribute to several categories.

Even a narrow category like Wind includes turbine manufactures, utilities selling wind generated electricity, companies providing software to efficiently distribute wind power, and a company that manufactures the towers on which wind turbines sit. Other sectors have a similar diversity of products and services related to their field.

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