Stock Alert: EFOI, SEDG, TSLA

by Harris Roen Editor
Roen Financial Report
Thursday, November 5, 2015

Today’s Alert:

Energy Focus, Inc (EFOI)
Solaredge Technologies Inc (SEDG)
Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA)

Positive earnings releases spur large gains for two green stocks, and continued losses for another.


Energy Focus, Inc (efoi)
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Lighting efficiency company Energy Focus jumps up 37% on large volume after releasing a positive earnings report. Revenues are 151% year-over-year, and net income is double the previous quarter. EFOI stock is almost three times higher than it was a year ago, but is still 28% lower than highs reached in September. Market Watch
Solaredge Technologies Inc (SEDG)
Solaredge Technologies drops -9%, despite both current profits and next quarter’s revenue guidance coming in above analyst estimates. SEDG stock has reached a new all-time low, falling -59% from highs reached in June. Earnings call
Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA)
Tesla Motors punches up 11% on positive guidance in its latest quarterly report. This is despite the fact that earnings came in 17% lower than expected. The stock is trading flat for the year, but has grown to almost ten times its value since 2012. Reuters


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