Wall Street Journal

Falling Oil Prices Don’t Give Clean-Energy Stocks the All-Clear

Oil’s Decline Could Slow a Transition to Alternative Energy

These are dark days for investors in Big Oil. That doesn’t mean clear skies for investors in clean energy.

The sharp plunge in oil prices has dragged down the share prices of many global energy giants. But a number of companies that provide alternatives to fossil fuel have taken a similar hit.

U.S. oil prices have fallen 15% this month through Friday, and the $10.6 billion Vanguard Energy Fund , a mutual fund that holds shares in large oil and gas producers, has fallen 3%. In the same period, the New Alternatives Fund, one of the largest mutual funds focused on alternative energy, is down 4.7%…

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USA Today Green Living

Is Green Investing For You?

Terrific news: green investing is easy, good for the earth and fun! So says Harris Roen, a seasoned green investing expert at RoenReportcom. In on interview with reporter Craig Shields, Roen reveals easy ways to harmonize your morals and your money…

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U.S. News & World Report

Investing in the Environment After the Paris Climate Accords

Investing prospects are changing along with the new energy landscape.

These are dark days for investors in Big Oil. That doesn’t mean clear skies for investors in clean energy.

Late last year at a summit in Paris, more than 190 nations hammered out a climate deal committing them to cut carbon emissions.

Good for the planet. But what about investors? After all, huge chunks of the U.S. economy – including electricity generation, transportation and the industrial sector – are responsible for most of the country’s emissions.

At the 21st Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, or COP 21, the U.S. said it would target greenhouse gas emission reductions of 26 percent to 28 percent from 2005 levels by 2025.

The meeting’s outcome points to most countries’ desire for decarbonization and makes solar, wind and energy-efficiency investments more attractive, says Harris Roen of the Roen Financial Report, which tracks alternative energy mutual funds and exchange-traded funds…

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Divestment Seminar

Your Investments Matter: A Seminar on Personal Divestment”

The divestment movement is growing, and your investments matter! Divesting from fossil fuels is a way for individuals to fight climate change and protect their investments. Personal divestment can be easy, even if you’re risk-averse. Plus, personally divesting from fossil fuels offers the chance to reinvest in a new, just, green economy.

If you’re curious about how you can divest your own portfolio from fossil fuels, you can watch Dan Quinlan of, Karin Chamberlain of Clean Yield, Harris Roen of the Roen Financial Report, Jake Ide of Vermont Community Loan Fund, and Tom Francis from Fossil Free Indexes, LLC. Special thanks to Bob the Green Guy for putting together this video.

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